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Following the simple yet profound steps outlined in Robert’s The Keys powerfully changed my experience of life. I learned how to uncover a true path forward — a direction for my life that took shape from exploring my dreams and hopes. Then, working through his series of simple exercises, my life began gradually to look and feel as I had dreamed and hoped it would. I found the relationship I had longed for; I discovered true contentment in my work; and I was able to move into a home that fed and nurtured me.

There is a loving and gentle persistence that accompanies The Keys. I was resistant at first to accept that this process of change could be so simple. My entrenched beliefs and habits told me that it had to be harder — that I had to struggle mightily against powerful forces beyond my control. I discovered quite early one of the miracles of The Keys: I didn’t even have to believe that they would work for me before I began. I just had to step up and do the work. I found myself writing when I didn’t believe that writing would help me. Then I found myself writing about my belief that writing wouldn’t help me. And then I woke up one day to find that writing had helped me! All I had to do was listen to the gentle, persistent wisdom speaking to me through The Keys.

The proof that it was working was the quality and richness of my experience of life. The changes have been undeniable, profound, and lasting. (I was introduced to Robert and The Keys more than 15 years ago.) If you are reading these words, be thankful that you have been led to this moment, and enjoy your journey forward!
Russ Anderson,
Actor, Software Developer & Programmer

In The Keys to Joy-filled Living Robert Jameson has done a masterful work. Robert has been a licensed therapist for over 21 years. With intuition as his guide, he experimented with therapeutic techniques and observed how his clients reacted. He noted what worked and what did not. As time progressed he received flashes of insight connecting the dots in the lives of his clients. What worked with one client, he refined and used with others. His observations and insights led him to create written hand-outs on multiple subjects which he gave to his clients, often as “homework” between sessions. This book, The Keys, is in effect a distillation of the useful, time-tested hand-outs that Robert has employed throughout his years of practice. His clients can attest to their effectiveness. It is a wonderful compilation of his keen insights, practical tips and transformative exercises. The Keys is a guide to unlock the doors of resistance to obtaining what one wants in life. There is a nugget of wisdom in every chapter! To read this book and do all the exercises is a journey of self-empowerment. Empower yourself! Highly recommended!
Chris Bradford
Attorney at Law

“Writing and burning” is a wonderful, tangible method for clearing out the old baggage we so unwittingly, yet willingly, carry along through life. Robert Jameson articulates this, and his other theses, clearly and with empathy. He possesses both wisdom and compassion.”
Cathy Ladman

I have a friend. He is a therapist and has been working over the last number of years putting together a book on giving people Keys to getting their lives together and back on track. In many of Dr. Wayne Dyer’s books, he talks about what one can have and should have in their lives – in Robert Jameson’s book, The Keys to Joy-Filled Living he shows and gives you the keys, in a methodical step-by-step approach to have a much happier and rewarding life. In other words, he just doesn’t tell you, he SHOWS you.

I know that sounds a little like The Secret, which is wonderful – however, Robert’s The Keys gave me a way, a “how-to” approach, to face many of my fears head on. He offers practical and simple techniques for many things that can set us back in our lives, including: How to give yourself closure from events of the past – including how to have closure with an “ex” who refuses to give you the closure you think you need. He reveals a simple technique to help erase “the loop” of negative talk we often hear and tell ourselves. He offers simple, but powerful tools to truly love one’s self – without a lot of the BS or double talk that seems to be in a lot of the “best-selling” books on the market today.

Needless to say, I’m still working on myself, but Robert has given me The Keys to do so. Using Robert’s techniques in The Keys is also guiding and helping me to build an honest and loving relationship – not only with myself, but with all the people in my life – including a new “special someone” I recently met. (I have not been in a relationship for 5 years.)

Robert has a very gentle and spiritual approach (without being “airy fairy”) while at the same time, is straight forward, simple, healthy, and best of all, practical and real.
Stephen Viens

The Keys to Joy-Filled Living is a refreshing change from most of the self-help books on the market today, I recommend it to anyone who is frustrated with the direction of their life.
Marriage Family Therapist

It’s a keeper. I read it from cover to cover. I’m going to keep it in my waiting area. It’s great, really simply written and so many useful things in it.
Danielle Schreiber – Rolfer

I read your book cover to cover. I just loved it. In fact, I am rereading it for the second time. Great job! I was really excited to get it.
Anne Grant – Promotional Expert

I love, love, love, love your book. Yes! It’s great!
Deborah Natoli – USC Professor

Reading it is like having you in my presence all the time.
Cheryl Holmes – Accountant

I Love your book. It is so great. It is so easy to read, and I can’t stop reading it. I want to get like a million more copies. I need to give it to so many people.
Roz Music – Make Up Artist

Dear Dr. Jameson,

I’ve just returned from a weekend in the country with Russ Anderson, who had taken his copy of your new book, The Keys to Joy-Filled Living, along with him to read. While Russ and Dan were out for a walk, the title of the book caught my eye, and I started flipping through and then reading the book myself. There’s so much that I’d like to revisit and read more thoroughly!! So, I’ve ordered a copy from Amazon … and look forward to the November publishing date. Congratulations on what seems to me a very helpful edition!

Russ has spoken of you several times, and has been greatly influenced by your relationship. I believe that when one person finds healing, growth and learns to live a better life, it spreads and expands to and through the people he meets. I consider myself fortunate to have learned from you by extension, through Russ, even though you and I have never actually met. Thank you for your insight and efforts!

Thanks for your work on this book, even my brief preview was inspiring! Best wishes for a very successful launch!

Kind regards,

Caren Browning

We send our loving and light for a rewarding and gratifying response to your accomplishment in the professional community and to all of those who are being blessed by your wisdom, compassion, and the joy that is, indeed, key to the gifts of transformation you are bringing forward.
Ron & Mary Hulnick

I love your book! It’s fabulous! I read it cover to cover.
Celeste Marin – Writer

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