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Books by Robert Jameson

Wondering Kids – I’m in a Pickle is a short story for kids 7 to 90. It’s an educational story that teaches us about the wonderments of life. It’s entertaining with giggles and surprises throughout. The book can be read over and over again, and with each reading new ideas and thoughts just seem to bubble up. The book creates an opportunity of fun learning for the entire family.

Vivid Experiential Experience

Robert seems to deeply understand how we humans don’ t like to be told what to do. This journey with actual photographs, not illustrations, and simple dialogue and statements leads us to want to do the appropriate thing. I notice while reading it slowed me down, so that I could also access the personal daily pickles in my life. It is rare to find a book that teaches without moralizing. Thank you, Robert. I highly recommend this book to the aged and ageless.
~ Linda Modaro, Dharma and Meditation Teacher

So delightful and funny!

My kids laughed all the way through this story and want to read it again and again! Maybe they might even clean up after our dogs now 😉
~ Leeann Greer

Do you have a set of keys for a joy-filled life?

In a gentle and spiritual approach, Robert C. Jameson, MFT, presents simple and powerful techniques that are intended to be used regularly to achieve joy in everyday life. Utilizing his experience of over twenty years as a Marriage, Family Therapist, Mr. Jameson presents easy to understand examples and exercises to approach fears and negative behaviors head-on to help overcome self-made roadblocks.

Here are just some of the issues addressed in the book:

  • • You will learn how to truly love yourself and have a healthy, functioning, long term relationship that makes your heart sing through time.
  • • You will master how to transform events from the past into stepping stones
  • • You will learn how to change and even eliminate negative self-talk for a more productive and healthy relationship with others.
  • • You will discover how to express your “negative” emotions so you don’t hurt yourself or others, and much more.
I Love your book. It is so great. It is so easy to read, and I can’t stop reading it. I want to get like a million more copies. I need to give it to so many people.
Roz Music, Make Up ArtistRead more…

Different from other self-help books, The Keys to Joy-Filled Living presents an entire package of concepts rather than just one or two ideas that are repeated over and over.

The Keys can be used in a variety of ways! Read it from the beginning to end, thus building upon the ideas as they are presented, or randomly select sections that spark your interest. And, as your life changes, you can come back to The Keys as an invaluable resource to help you navigate through life’s challenges.

Even the sophisticated “self-help” students will find new information to assist them as they take their next step in their exploration of life.

The Keys provides a practical way for you to transform your life so you can experience joy on an ongoing basis. Are you ready to experience a Joy-Filled Life?

Publisher: Morgan James Publishing (November 1, 2008)
Language: English
ISBN: 1600374670


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