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On-Air Interview Questions

  1. How do I deal with depression/anxiety?
  2. What is negative self talk?
  3. Explain how illogical logic works.
  4. How come I want to avoid change?
  5. What do you mean I my emotional and mental age is different from my physical age?
  6. What is this “writing, tearing/burning, and holding exercise,” and how does it work?
  7. I’ve done everything I can do, why can’t I change him/her? Am I a failure?
  8. How do I manage my anger?
  9. Why do I sabotage my success?
  10. How can I deal with all the terrible things in my life and experience joy?
  11. Why can’t I leave him/her?
  12. How can I improve my relationship?
  13. How can I trust him/her?
  14. How do I get over the loss of a loved one?
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