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Press Release
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“Why can’t I get orange juice from my kitchen sink?”
“How come I keep getting dog poop between my toes?”

The Keys to Joy-Filled Living gives you practical and simple techniques for creating a life filled with Joy. The Keys will show you where to get orange juice and how to keep your toes clean.

In a gentle and spiritual approach, Robert C. Jameson, MFT, presents simple and powerful techniques that are intended to be used regularly to achieve joy in everyday life. You will learn “how” to truly love yourself and have a healthy, functioning, long term relationship that makes your heart sing through time. He uses his experience of over twenty years as a Marriage,

Family Therapist to explain, in simplified language how to:

  • approach your fears head on
  • transform events from the past into stepping stones
  • to change your negative self-talk
  • express your “negative” emotions so you don’t hurt yourself or others, and much more.

The Keys is different from other books in this genre in that it presents an entire package of concepts rather than just one or two ideas that are repeated over and over. Even the sophisticated “self-help” students will find new information to assist them as they take their next step in their exploration of life.

Please call if you wish to interview Robert Jameson or request additional information. His book is available at local bookstores and online at and

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