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“Anonymous Kindness is Powerful Magic!”

Today, do three anonymous gifts of kindness and watch what happens inside of you.  Joy will start to pecolate in your heart and a smile will appear on your face.

So, what is an anonymous gift of kindness you ask?  The list goes on and on, and is only limited by your creativity.  Some easy ones are: Drop a penny on the sidewalk, or a dollar or ten dollars.  Pay $5.00 on the person’s grocery bill behind you in line at the market.  If you use toll roads or bridges, pay for the person behind you.  Pick up some trash in a parking lot.  Sweep an ally.  Put a quarter in an expired parking meter.  Take out the trash or wash the dishes when no one is watching.  Send yourself a thank-you card.  Call up the Telephone Company or your Insurance Company and tell the operator you appreciate their hard work.

Being of service to someone else is just one of those very precious things to do.  It can take a moment as in the examples above or it can be an ongoing service project with an organization in your community.  We can all use a little extra help these days.  Words and acts of kindness are very contagious and can change the person’s day you extend them to, and it can also change your day to secret giggles of joy.

Check it out.  Risk!  It does your Soul good to share your loving.

And speaking of sharing, tell me and let me know what anonymous gifts of kindness you’ve done, so others can share in the fun! 

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