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Are You Enjoying the Chaos Yet?

You have probably noticed that it seems a little crazy out there in the world these days.  I hope you’re enjoying the chaos.  Worrying and stressing about all the issues that we are faced with during these times doesn’t seem to be helping.  So, we might as well enjoy the process.  This might seem like a bizarre point of view, but why not.  If it’s true that we can’t control anything outside ourselves and that we can only control how we react to things, then we might as well have fun with the chaos.

Years ago, I thought I would arrive at a time in my life when everything was going to be smooth sailing.  You know, like riding off into the sunset on a white horse.  However, I kept thinking that I was doing something wrong, because I kept running into walls or falling into ditches.  I would cut my hand here, my tires would go flat, and I had to buy more groceries.  My clothes got dirty.  In fact, that new white shirt I wore for the first time, I dropped some food on it just before that important meeting.  Stocks crashed and I lost all that money.  People I cared about got sick.  Some died.   I wanted to be in a relationship, but no one I wanted – wanted me.  I wanted to get out of a relationship, but I was scared.  “How do I do get out of this?” I asked.  I finally found someone and she wanted to end the relationship.  “How do I keep her?” I pleaded.  She left me.  Oh my God, so much pain!  I ate some food at a nice restaurant and I had an intense intestinal clearing.  My sock on my left foot had a hole in it.  I lost my glasses.  I couldn’t find a parking space, and I was late.  Stuff just keeps showing up.  An earthquake wakes me up and stuff breaks.  There is so much rain, it floods.  Mud’s everywhere.  People die.  Lightning strikes and a wild fire destroy acres of land and people’s homes.  War is not declared, but people are shooting at each other.  Terrible stuff is going on all around – all the time!  And, I’m worried about what will happen next.  When do I get to relax?  Smooth sailing is not showing up.

I have now come to realize that adversity and chaos are an inevitable aspect of life.  When I really accepted this, I was able to prepare for the unknown.  Not in a paranoid, fearful, terrified kind of way, but a way that could be fun.  I know stuff is going to happen.  I just don’t know what or when.  “This is exciting!”  I tell myself.  I wonder how I will grow from the coming adversity.  What will I learn?  How will I share it with those around me?  Who will be affected?  Transformation and expansion is the goal here.  Can I expand big enough to handle those things that come my way?  Can I transform the next experience into a stepping-stone, into a learning process?  Will I be able to use my creativity to resolve the issue?  My brother once told me, “There is always a resolution.”  Can I hold that affirmation in my consciousness long enough to discover the resolution?  Can I use my misfortune as a bridge to greater achievements?  What doors are opening?  What doors are closing?  What do I need to let go of?

If it’s true that chaos and adversity are a part of life, then I want to use it for my growth, upliftment, and learning.  I want to enjoy the process of life.  I want to gain inner strength so I can deal with anything life brings me.  As I walk down the dusty road of life, I want to keep my eyes on the loving, on the peace, and on the joy.  That splinter in my eye keeps me humble.  I’m a human, having a human experience.  This human experience is teaching me to say two powerful affirmations:  “Oh boy, more fun!”  And, “I love this!”

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