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Give yourself permission to make errors

“We all make errors. It is part of the human condition and part of growing. Give yourself permission to make errors. An error becomes a mistake when you had a chance to correct it and you didn’t.”

This is the beginning of 2009.  What a wonderful time to let go of the past and to begin again with a fresh slate.  Did you make any errors last year?  I hope so.  That might sound strange, but if you didn’t make any errors, that means you didn’t do anything new.  That means you didn’t risk.  That means you didn’t grow or expand your life.  Anytime we do something new, we make errors.  It is part of the process of growth.  It is part of life.  We are not supposed to be perfect.  Perfect means there is no change necessary or possible.  No change means death.  Let’s be alive.  Let’s grow and expand into who we truly are – into who we dream to be.  Let’s risk.  Let’s do things we have never done before.  Let’s make lots of errors this year.  If what you are doing, isn’t giving you the results you want, then do something else and keep doing diferently until you get the results you want.  Give yourself permission to make errors.  Think about what you have learned from the error, smile, take a breathe, take another step and expand into the life you are creating.


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