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“Success is a Series of Small Changes”

Success is a series of small changes or course corrections as you move toward your intended goal.  You’ll know you’re on course when you feel joy, love, health, happiness and peace.  You’ll feel like you’re rowing down stream with a gentle wind on our back.  When you’re off course you’ll feel like everything is against you.  It will feel like you’re rowing up stream into the wind.  You’ll be grinding your teeth, holding your breath and you’ll have an unmistakable look of fear or panic in your eyes.  If this is what you are experiencing, then change your actions, your attitude or change both your actions and your attitude. 

The gentle graceful course down the stream of life is the path of success.  If this is the course you’e choosing, you’ll be in joy as the scenery passes by.  You’ll maintain an attitude of gratitude and there will be a giggle dancing in your heart and a look of knowing in your eyes.  Life is mysterious and ever changing, so constant course corrections in our actions and in our attitude are required.  This is called, “choosing back into the loving.”  Continuously, consciously choosing into the loving is success.

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