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“If you want to affect change in your life, drive home on a different road, and put your clothes on in a different order. You will begin to see new and different things.”

We often look at our life and feel disappointed in what we are doing, the way our body looks, or the feeling of lack because we don’t have a relationship, or the feeling stuck because of the relationship we are in feels like stale popcorn.  We say we want our life to be different but we don’t know what to change or how to change.  We get discouraged and confused, so then we do nothing.  We keep doing the same thing over and over again, and the results of our life is unfulfilling, and we start saying to ourslves, “I think I want to go to sleep, or eat something, or drink something or watch something on the tube.”  What to do?

Get out of bed on the other side.  Brush your teeth before you wash your face.  Put on your left shoe before you put on your right shoe.  Make your bed.  Sit on the floor instead of the couch.  Put your car keys in your left pocket.  Drive to work the long way.  Eat lunch in a different place.  Buy your groceries in a different store.  Walk around the block.  Leave your mobile phone at home.  Go to the gym.  Drink your coffee black.  Smile when you drive.  Say “Hi” to people in the elevator, in the hallway or on the street.  Sing a song.  Take a long deep breath.  Laugh at your mistakes.  Give three people words of appreciation.  Tell your self you did a great job.  Write a “thank you” note to someone.  Drive home the scenic route.  Park your car differently.  Eat your dessert first.  Put on your pajamas differently.  Crawl into bed from the bottom.  Review your day with a smile on your face.  Say, “ (your name) I am loving you, I am loving you (your name).  Go to sleep and tomorrow.  Do it differently again!

If we start doing small things differently, we begin to see our life from a different point of view.  We begin to break out of our rut or comfort zone.  We become more aware, because things around us look different. In the new awareness we can ask if what we are doing is giving us the results we want.  If we find joy and excitement in the small things we do everyday, we will be establishing a new history.  Our life will begin to change.  In time, those old problems will become something we obsessed on back there somewhere in time.  Change is present.

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