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“Problems” Mean to Grow Forth

Usually we want to avoid “problems”.  We want life to be smooth and easy.  We want everything to go our way – all of the time. 

I don’t know about you, but that certainly isn’t the way my life works.  I am open for that to happen.  I vision it and I intend it and then, life just seems to do what life seems to do.  Eventually, if I hold my vision and intention long enough, and if it’s for my hightest good, I get some of what I want.  The problem is there always hidden, unexpected surprises, things we call “problems” that come with what I envisioned and intended. 

“Problems” seem to part of the human experience.  “Problems” are like gravity.  They are always present on some level or another.  So, let’s treat problems like gravity.  What do we do with gravity?  We play with it.  We have all kinds of games that require gravity’s participation.  How would we play baseball without gravity?

Gravity is fun.  It requires us to be inventive and creative.  “Problems” can be fun too.  “Problems” require us to get out of our comfort zone.  They require us to think outside the box.  They require us to be creative and to communicate with others.  “Problems” demand that we take another step.  If we chose not to take action, the “problem” gets bigger, and at some point in time the “ouch” will force us to do something different.  It forces us to step into an expansive place.  It forces us to be more of who we truly are – co-creators.

We are in a time when it looks like there are so many problems that people are going into overwhelm.  Let’s not go into overwhelm, let’s go into overdrive.  Let’s stand up and grow forth.  As strange as it may sound, this can be a fun and wondrous process.  We are at one of those times in history, that future generations will look back with awe.  Our children’s, children’s children will say, “I wish I could have been alive when all of that was going on!  Those folks back then really set the stage for us.  They really made a difference!”



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