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Watch Where You’re Looking

“Your body goes where your eyes lead you. Look at what you want more of, and your body will follow.  We get what we focus on.”

If this is true, then what you have in your life right now is a result of what you have been focusing on.  If you like what you are experiencing, then you are right on track.  If you don’t like what you are experiencing then it’s time to focus on something else. 

This is counter to what we’ve have been trained to do.  We’ve have been trained to focus on those things that are not working.  If you are doing poorly on math, then you need to focus on those math problems that you keep getting wrong, or those spelling words you missed, or that tire on your car that is going bald, or that extra weight you want to get rid of, or the hurt you experience in your relationship, or the lack of money you have to pay your monthly bills.  Yes, you have been taught to focus on the things that don’t work, and to worry about those things you don’t have.  And, you get what you focus on.  Ugh!

So, how do you change this you ask?  The process is simply, but not necessarily easy.  The process is to be aware of what you are focusing on.  If it is negative, then you just refocus toward the positive.  That’s it.  It’s that simply.  Ah, but you are so well trained to do just the opposite.  Your care givers and teachers told you that if you don’t worry, then terrible things will happen.  And since you want to avoid terrible things and you’ve been a good student!  So you worry and fret, and worry and fret, and worry and fret. . .  What a wonderfully well greased pattern!  Ugh!

The fastest and easiest way I have found to change a habitual pattern is to follow the “5 steps to change” process.  For a detail explanation of the process, look on page 43 of The Keys to Joy-Filled Living.  Basically the process is:  (1) Be aware you are focusing on a negative outcome.  (2) Thank your self for being aware you are in a negative pattern.  (3) Forgive your self for any judgments you have toward your self or others.  (4) Come up with an alternative – create a positive outcome.  (5) Take an action step toward the outcome you desire.

 In time, when you look at your life, you’ll be living the positive, wondrous life you have been projecting.  The key here is to keep going.  Don’t stop the positive projections.  If you continuously, consciously, choose the life you want, you will get what you focus on.

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